Missouri River Pedestrian/Bike Bridge Lane is Now Open!

by Gary Fogelbach
April 2011

In case you are wondering (and I just know you are) about the distance of the new lane on the bridge, here it is: 2953 feet or .559 mile. This distance was measured from South to North beginning at the fence by the yellow post from the W. Main Street entrance. The measured distance ended at the bottom of the ramp (i.e. end of the fence) on the landing on the North side of the river. I tried to maintain a course that a person would typically run or walk. When measured about a foot from the fence from North to South the distance is ten feet shorter.

Here is a breakdown of the distances from south to north.


  Incremental Cumulative
  Feet Miles Feet Miles
From start to first (south) overlook 654 .124 654 .124
From first to second (north) overlook 599 .113 1253 .237
From second (north) overlook to ramp 284 .054 1537 .291
From top of ramp to bottom of ramp 1416 .268 2953 .559
Total 2953 .559