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Who We Are

The Jefferson City Roadrunners Club is a local non-profit group dedicated to promoting safe, enjoyable, and family-friendly running in central Missouri. Our club is operated entirely by unpaid volunteers. We sponsor local races and training groups, publish monthly newsletters, and host a competitive points series. Our members represent all running and walking abilities.

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Simply complete the membership application, attach a $20 check and mail your application to:
Jefferson City Roadrunners
P.O. Box 7042
Jefferson City, MO 65102
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2022 Membership Status

Jefferson City Roadrunners - check below to see if your dues have been received for this year

  • Karen, Tim Backes 
  • Benjamin, Joan Allan
  • Richard and Gail Carlson
  • Nathan, Carie, Ansley, Nathan Jr., Caiden Casey
  • Lucas, Mary, Rose and Theodore Chen
  • John, Susan, Bailey, Blake, Benjamin Conrad
  • Chris Crull
  • Patrick Dudenhoeffer
  • Dale, Shae Marie, Natalie, Alex Eickhoff
  • Steve, Bridget and Alicia Engelbrecht
  • *Gary and Rhonda Fogelbach
  • Caryn Giarranto
  • Venny and Jerry Groene
  • Scott and Noah Henderson
  • Therese, Terry, Katie, Kelly, and Molly Higgins
  • Stuart, Barbara, and Brian Huddleston
  • Joyce Huhn
  • Payton, Paul, Michelle, Brian Kirchoff
  • Jordanna McLeod
  • Julie, Dan, Jonas and Harrison Miller
  • Steve, Brenda, Sophia, Natalie Miner
  • Janet Morgan
  • Brenda Morris
  • David and Jeanann Neighbors
  • Colin and Laurie Nichols
  • *Brian Price
  • Jane Rackers
  • Dottie & Paul Ruettgers
  • Bill and Sharon Shaefer
  • Mike, Lynne, Nick, Logan and Kaitlyn Shea
  • Scott, Melissa, Allison and Charlie Skinner
  • James E., Melissa S., Kelli C., and Caitlin L. Smith
  • Kevin and Joy (Ledbetter) Stock
  • Roxy Van Pool
  • Bonnie Wagers
  • *Nicholas, Amanda and Vera Wagner
  • *John and Leasa Weghorst
  • Karen, Kevin, Julie, Steve, Katie, and Britt Wisch
  • Jim, Geri, Derek, Eve, and Lauren Wiseman

* Denotes officer in the Jefferson City Roadrunners Club